Iwol: Report!
Data: Sensors are functioning properly, Captain.
Iwol: Well this can’t be right... there are only like 3 stars on the viewscreen.
Data: I am detecting no subspace communications, essentially no radiation of known form… no planets…..
Iwol: Butthead, do you sense anything? …… BUTTHEAD!
Butthead lies unconscious on the floor.
Several minutes later in Sickbay..
Anal: I’ve never seen anything like this before, her body is normal, but there is something wrong in her brainwave patterns.
Iwol: She knew something about what’s going on. Maybe… Anal, can you wake her?
Anal: That could prove dangerous.
Iwol: If she can’t tell me what is wrong we’ll all die anyway in a few months when our supplies run out.
Anal takes a hypospray and injects Butthead.
Butthead wakes.
Iwol: Are you alright?
Butthead: Captain, don’t worry about me, you have to do something.
Iwol: What? What is it that is going on?
Butthead: I will try to put this into terms you can understand… you remember how Booke used to want to kill all pandas and thought that all pandas were pure evil and all that?
Iwol: Yes.
Butthead: Well… you see he was in fact correct. When he was a Q he learned the truth. All evil in the universe radiates through space and time from the pandas.
Iwol gets a confused look on his face
Iwol: What?
Butthead: But there was one thing he did not understand. You see evil is necessary. Without evil there is no such thing as good and through the conflict of these two forces we get reality. If there is no conflict then... well, there is nothing. Nothing happens. Booke must have gone back in time and somehow caused the pandas never to exist. That also explains my condition. Cows take the forces of evil and good and channel them together to generate a clear perception of reality and to some extent bend that reality to our will. I sense.. as well as I can sense right now that the only reason there is any universe at all is the little bit of evil left on this ship after the disaster.
Iwol: So I have to go back and find Booke and stop him from preventing the existence of the Panda. But when?
Butthead: He will have to go back as far as he can. You must remember the evil of the panda penetrates time just as well as space.
Iwol taps his comm. badge.
Iwol: Iwol to Scotty, I need a way to get this ship to travel to the past.
Scotty: Well, cap’n that won’t be hard. When I was building the ship I talked to a 29th century guy in a bar. He got drunk and passed out so I stole the time drive off his ship.
Iwol: Now, if you wanted to kill an entire species where would you go?
Lore: The big bang. That’s how I wiped out the Mordins
Iwol: I’ve never heard of the Mordins.
Lore: Exactly…
Iwol: right….
Iwol walks to the turbolift and enters
Iwol: Bridge.
Iwol sniffs the air. Ahh, yes there really is nothing like that new ship smell.
The turbolift doors whoosh open and he steps out onto the bridge.
Iwol: Put me on the ship intercom… ready? Ok, go. This is the captain speaking. It seems that Booke has traveled back in time and destroyed the pandas… which, as we can see are in fact quite essential to the Universe. Our mission now is clear. We must follow him back and repair whatever damage he has done. Some of you won’t be coming back from this mission, but take comfort in the fact that the repeated sacrifice of you expendable crewmen allows us to continue what has to be the best running gag of the series. Chuckup out.
Iwol: Mr. Scott, set time drive for the big bang.
Scotty: Ahh, yes the big bang. I was a wee lad of only fourteen when four young lassies and their dog came to me daddy’s farm…
Iwol: Ugh…. Not that big bang you moron!
Scotty: OH! I was studying alone in my dorm at the Academy when a dozen young lassies, a sheep and a shaved dog walked in on me in me knickers!
Iwol: NO! NO! NO! I mean the one where the universe was formed!
Scotty: Well that one is overrated but hey, you’re the cap’n. Hey, while I’m setting up the device does anyone want to hear about the time I was fishing on Risa when a score of buxom beauties, a mule, a pair of gerbils, a couple greased pigs, and a dog surprised me and….
Everyone: NO!
Quin: So that’s where that holo-novel came from…
Everyone looks a bit disgusted, as they recall that holonovel.


We deliver.

Any place, any century.

The lights on the bridge come back on and the whir of the ships systems coming back on can be heard.
Iwol: Status!
Data: I am getting no sensor readings whatsoever.
Iwol: Are the sensors malfunctioning?
Data: No sir, there’s nothing out there… wait. A shuttlecraft just appeared. Booke is aboard.
Iwol: Set course for that shuttle! Full impulse power!
Scotty: Somethin’s wrong, cap’n! The engines are running but we’re not moving!
Data: Sir, the impulse engine’s method of thrust is gravitational. There are no gravity fields here, the universe is not here.
Iwol: Are we within weapons range?
Korn: No sir
Data: Sir I am detecting a massive discharge of energy and matter.
Iwol: On screen!
Korn: Impact in 30 seconds.
Iwol: Will our shields hold?
Data: Well, seeing as how we are about to be hit by all the matter and energy of the universe in a concentrated form….
Iwol: Right…set time drive for 1 minute from now.
Scotty: aye captain

1 minute later……

A rift in space opens and the Intrepid Appears.
Iwol: report
Data: The shuttle has been destroyed. I am not reading any life forms in the area.
Lore: That blast would have strung particles of him out over several light years… I would estimate, based on seeing Booke’s rate of..er.. reconstitution that he will not be whole again for 666.69 years.
Iwol: hmm, that number seems to come up pretty often.
Data: Indeed! I can recall 31 instances today where that number appeared.
Iwol: well anyway… I guess we have to go get him.
Lore: little bastard just won’t die.
Iwol: Well set the time drive for 666.69 years from now.
666.69 years later…….
A rift in space appears and the Intrepid emerges.
Data: scanning. I have found Booke’s body. It is approximately… wow this is really getting silly.
Iwol: what?
Data: he is about 666.69 light years from our current position.
Iwol: Well great… set a course, maximum warp.
Scotty: Transwarp would make the trip a wee bit faster cap’n.
Iwol: Very well, engage transwarp drive then.
A few minutes later…..(well actually about 666.69 seconds)
Data: now approaching Booke.
Iwol: slow to impulse…
Data: Oh Shit!
As the ship decelerates, a loud ‘thunk’ is heard.
Iwol: what the hell?
Data: well, it appears that the ship will not decelerate out of transwarp at the same rate it will at normal speeds.
Iwol: What is your point?
Data: Well, we just ran into Booke…. And his body has been hurtled farther out into space.
Iwol: son of a…
Korn: captain, I have done some calculations and a well placed torpedo would alter his trajectory around that nearby star so that he would enter the earth’s atmosphere in the year 1 BC on December 23 at about 2:35pm
Iwol: well, don’t see anything he could mess up too bad around that date. You may proceed.
Quin: Oh for the love of… can’t you see he’s only making an excuse to fire the ship’s weaponry?
Iwol: well, I want to see something explode anyway.
Anal(over the comm): Sir, Butthead is recovering.
Iwol: Lore, you have the bridge. Once Booke’s trajectory is verified take us to the proper time and location to intercept.
Lore: yes captain
A few moments later in sickbay..
Iwol: How is she?
Anal: She seems to be almost back to normal now.
Iwol walks over to where Butthead is laying.
Butthead: Iwol… you must stop Booke… the danger is not yet passed, you merely slowed him down. I can sense that Booke will be a persistant problem on earth up into the 21st century.
Iwol: Are you sure your empathic abilities are accurate?
Butthead: well, I know that Lore took a side trip to the planet Orion to go and kill a few people…
Iwol: You don’t need an empath to figure that out.
Butthead: ahh, yes that is true. I forget how well non-empathic beings can compensate with their intuition! Well, hmm oh Quin is carrying a sword under his uniform and he is playing with it now…
Iwol: eeew… I’m glad I’m not an empathic being!
Butthead: Not THAT kind of sword!
Iwol: Oh… right I knew that.
Suddenly a siren goes off.
Computer: Intruder alert! Intruder detected in sickbay! Automatic security system activated.
A nearby expendable crewmen is beamed away.
Computer: Intruder eliminated.
Iwol: Computer: where was that person beamed to?
Computer: 2 kilometers behind the ship.
Iwol: right….

Iwol steps onto the bridge.
Lore: well, if you are so concerned about it then go out and peel the body off your window!
Iwol: um…
Lore: Sorry captain, just some silly complaints from some crewman about his quarters.
Iwol: well, are you going to handle it?
Lore: sorry. Computer: Intruder deck 23 section A room 2341
Computer: activating automatic security system..
Lore: I love this new intruder defence mechanisim.
Iwol: I don’t think it’s supposed to do that.
Lore: Well, it’s the best damned computer glitch I’ve ever seen!

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Iwol: Captain's log...heh heh log... stardate...uh...today.  We have traveled back in time in an attempt to stop Booke from exterminating the Panda  species
Data: we are now in earth orbit.
Iwol:  Korn, Lore, and Quin meet me in the transporter room in 10 minutes.  Data, you have command
Iwol steps into the turbolift and the doors close behind him.  Iwol looks to make sure he is alone.  he hitts the intercom button.
Iwol: Scotty, I assume you installed the customary broom closet right?
Scotty: Aye cap'n, same place it always is.
Iwol: good, Chuckup out
Iwol: Deck 69, section 207.
meanwhile on the bridge.
Lore: I bet he's going to open up the secret weapons locker
Data: ummm.... what secret weapons locker?
Korn: Ha ha, you thought you could hide weapons from US?
Lore: We were just saving them for a special occasion.
Quin: Lore... a couple months ago someone detonated an antimatter grenade outside my quarters and..
Lore: Oh well sorry about that...
Quin: She was my date!
Korn: you mean whore.
Quin: er... um no....
Lore: Quin don't bother.  We know EVERYTHING that goes on around here.
Anal: Hey! Wait a damned minute!  One morning I woke up...........
Lore: and?
Anal: Uh I uh... well
Korn: You woke up with an antimatter grenaded in your rectum?
Anal: You son of a bitch!
Lore: Hey, it was only a dummy.  Besides, serves you right for violating everyone else's ass!
Anal: I do not!
Lore: OH? why then does everyone leave sickbay with a sore ass then?
Anal: Because SOMEONE has been installing these probe devices on my biobeds!!
Quin: That was a probe?   Oh, Anal... I'm sorry.
Anal: Sorry for what?
Quin: Well I filed a sexual harrasment report to starfleet shortly before we left and well....
Lore and Korn burst out laughing.
Korn: Hey... wait a minute!!! I WAS VIOLATED AS WELL!
Korn pulls out his k'nife
Lore uh whoa big fella.. it was only a joke you know... um I am really sorry I didn't mean to.....
The intercom beeps.
Iwol: I'm waiting for you in transporter room 3, I have some items to issue out to you and.......
Lore&Korn: KICK ASS!!!!

a few seconds later....
Lore and Korn rush into the transporter room
Iwol: what took you?
Korn: Enough with the pleasentries!  Show us the weapons
Iwol: Very well, these are federation...
Lore: Class VII assault phasers.
Korn: 7.14gigawat, with a duration of at least 1 hour of sustained fire
Lore: Starfleet's most powerfull and highly secret ground combat arsenal.
Iwol: HA! Gotcha these are Class VII-A assault phasers
Lore: Pfft... all that means is they have padded straps for the energy backpacks.... and these don't.  The box is mislabled
Iwol: over here we have.....
Iwol: go ahead guys
Korn: *sigh*  class III personal shield systems
Lore: And the antimatter grenades..
Iwol: Anyone want to explain why there was a crate of them missing?
Lore: Well we snuck into Anal's quarters one night, gassed him, pulled down his pants.....
Iwol: ENOUGH! I don't care I don't want to know just shut up right now.
Korn: Present the weapon.
Iwol smirks
Korn: you know what I mean.
Quin enters the room.
Quin:  sorry sir I didn't mean to be late....
Iwol: these two meant to be early
Quin: Well are you going to issue me one of those weapons?
Iwol: Why don't you use that sword of yours... the one you're always playing with....
Quin: what are you talking about? I have no sword
Korn: HA! I told you Lore! He isn't gay, he's just inadequite with the ladies.  You owe me 50 credits.
Lore: Damnit!
Quin: I am not!
Lore: look.... Quin I appreciate you trying to save me money but give it up man. Just give it up
Quin: I do not consort with the fairer sex because of the tragedy that has followed me....
Iwol: Ohhhhh... I see.   Well...erm... ask anal if he has some ointment for that.
Lore snickers.
Korn: Or perhaps some lubricating jelly so you two can...
Iwol: ANYWAY... get into the transporter and shut up.  That's an order
Lore: An order?
Iwol: Yes.
Korn: And who are you to  order us?
Iwol: The captain....
Korn looks rather embarassed and steps onto the transporter pad

meanwhile on the planet......
A man, his pregnant wife, and an ass are searching for a place to spend the night....suddenly a blue shimmering light appears before them and 4 figures appear from it. The man and his wife immediately drop to their knees.
Joseph: Oh praise thee angles of the lord.. what divine message doth thou bringeth to us?
Korn: I think my translator is broken
Iwol: well some of thsoe words are right but....
Quin: No, no this is how people of this era talked.  They think we're angels from heaven.
Lore: great one girl among them and she's got a baby... the perfect setup does NOT exist.
Quin: Ugh...
Iwol: well... ask them if they've seen Booke.
Quin: Hath thou seen a beggar of satan which defiles thine minds with a twisted tounge?
Joseph: nay, I haveth not lain eyes on such a beast.
Quin: he says no
Iwol: well I figured that out...
Mary: hath thoust a place for us to stay the night?
Iwol: ok.. this is becoming irritating.
Lore reaches for his phaser.....
Mary screams.

Meanwhile in a bar somewhere between the edge of the universe and eternity....
God: Ugh... I wish they'd shut up already... God why have you forsaken me? God why did you take my wife? God why did my son have to die?  God, where are my shoes?  stupid universe....
Writer: ahh, you just need to unwind.  here watch this....

The delta quadrant in the normal universe aboard the USS Voyager....
Paris: We've done it! We finally found a wormhole back to the Alpha Quadrant!!!
Janeway: Take us in..
The ship glides through the wormhole...
Back in the alpha quadrant...
The ship comes out of the wormhole... and crashes onto a planet.  The crew opens the airlock and steps out... they are greeted by thousands of Packleds.
Packled: We are smart.  We look for things to make us go.
Crew: NOOOOOOO!!!1!

God: ha ha that was a good one... Barkeep, give this guy a round on me ok
Writer: thanks, man..

We now return to your regularly scheduled episode....

The away team turns around to see Booke running across a nearby field.
Iwol: FIRE!!!
The away team simulltaniously raises their assault phasers and fire... before them the earth is obliterated... torn into a massive gash in the ground.
Iwol: oh great.. how long is it going to be for him to reform now?

Sally Struthers:  Good evening, I am here today to beg you for money.  This is Timmy... Timmy's family is so poor they can't even afford clothes for him to wear
Timmy: I was tryin to moon your ass, bitch
Sally: Here in this poor african village...
Timmy: Since when is east St Louis an african village?? And I can't believe you actually ATE my pants!!!
Sally: Please.. help Timmy and other children like him
Timmy flips off the camera.
Sally: You little bastard!!!


Iwol: god... we need some new sponsors..
Quin: Look! he's reforming...
Booke morphs back into his normal form.. fiddles with a device on his wrist.  A vortex apears and he jumps into it.
Iwol: After him!!
they all jump into the vortex and vanish..

The crew find themselves in the middle of a temple... a very odd one though.  The halls are lit by torches.. yet the floors and ceilings let off light from some unknown mechanisim.  Chanting is heard distantly..
Iwol: Where the hell is this?
Lore: I don't know.. but see that symbol on the wall over there.  Butthead has a medalion that looks just like that!
Iwol: Are we on the cow homeworld?
Quin: According to my tricorder scans this seems to be earth.. but.. this continent we're on doesn't fit.

suddenly a loud MOO rips through the temple, it is so loud the walls shake and everyone covers their ears.
They all run into the chamber where the noise came from...
A Bull stands on one side of the chamber, his eyes glowing bright red.  A massive panda adorned with all sorts of jewelry stands on the other side, his eyes also glowing bright red.
Iwol: What the f...
Bull: MOOOO!!!
the ground trembles
The bull paws at the ground, kicking up dust.  His horns turn to fire as he lowers his head...
The bull begins his charge.
suddenly out of nowhere Booke appears.
Booke runs at the Panda... into the path of the bull.  the bull trips on booke before he gets to the panda and falls. Before the bull can get up the panda snaps his neck.
Suddenly everyone on the away team grows a beard in seconds.
Iwol: damnit Quin this is all your fault!
Iwol punches Quin in the stomach.

Somewhere..sometime on the Intrepid.
Butthead is asleep... she has a vision of what happened in the temple.  then she sees Striped-Ass
Striped-Ass: Butthead, your time has come to serve not only your people but all living things in the Universe.  An accident has happened on Atlantis.  Instead of The Great One destroying the evil panda Mobutoo, the Panda has won and the continent remains.  You and only you can put history back as it belongs.. now GO! GO!!
Butthead wakes up in the infirmary.  Anal is beating up a crewman... she notices they both have beards.
Anal: And you, bitch cow!  Stay there I have a rectal palpatation for you!!
Butthead's eyes illumintate and Anal collapses, and the forcefield restraining her shuts off.
Butthead stands.  She feels energies surging to her.
Disembodied Striped-Ass:  Your brethren are here for you in spirit.  Hurry! There is little time before his evil presence permeates even us!
Butthead's eyes glow and she is slowly replaced by flame..

The crew find themselves in the middle of a temple... a very odd one though.  The halls are lit by torches.. yet the floors and ceilings let off light from some unknown mechanisim.  Chanting is heard distantly..
Iwol: Where the hell is this?
Lore: I don't know.. but see that symbol on the wall over there.  Butthead has a medalion that looks just like that!
Iwol: Are we on the cow homeworld?
Quin: According to my tricorder scans this seems to be earth.. but.. this continent we're on doesn't fit.

suddenly a loud MOO rips through the temple, it is so loud the walls shake and everyone covers their ears.
They all run into the chamber where the noise came from...
A Bull stands on one side of the chamber, his eyes glowing bright red.  A massive panda adorned with all sorts of jewelry stands on the other side, his eyes also glowing bright red.
Iwol: What the f...
The Great One: MOOOO!!!
the ground trembles
The bull paws at the ground, kicking up dust.  His horns turn to fire as he lowers his head...
A flame starts in a nearby corner...
suddenly out of nowhere Booke appears.
Booke runs at Mobutoo... into the path of The Great One, he trips on booke before he gets to Mobutoo and falls....
Mobutoo rushes up to kill his opponent.. but before he does a pair of hooves strike him and he flies back into the wall.
The Bull stands up.
The Great One: You... you wear the symbol of my family.  But I do not know you.
Butthead: I am the 12th generation of your family.. I have come back here to make sure this battle goes as it is supposed to.
Mobutoo gets back up.
Mobutoo: You will pay for your insolence, cows!  I always tolerated you creatures because you amused me... but now after I kill you two I will destroy your race!
The Great One: Always thinking way ahead of yourself, Mobutoo.  You have not won yet.
Mobutoo grabs a giant crossbow off of the wall.  he points it at The Great One and fires... Butthead shoots a beam from her eyes and destroys the bolt.
Mobutoo: WHAT??
The two great bovines look at each other, their eyes  glow yellow.  Then they turn to the evil panda, their eyes blazing red.
Mobutoo: NO!!
They lower their heads.  The Great One's horns turn to fire, butthead snorts flame through her nose
Mobutoo: NO!!!!!!
Iwol: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Quin: Butthead?
Lore: I thought we were supposed to SAVE the Pandas?
Korn: Who cares!  THIS IS AWESOME!!!

Butthead and the Great One charge.  Mobutoo tries to run but he is too slow, they strike him at once and there is an explosion.  of light that blinds everyone for several seconds.
Iwol adjusts his eyes.
Iwol: Where's Butthead

outside.. The Great One and Butthead stand before Mobutoo's body.  Booke climbs out of the rubble
Booke: Wow, Butthead!  You've joined my quest?!?
Butthead: No, Booke.  This panda was Mobutoo.  He is a sort of lord of evil.. if he gained more power then everything would become evil with him.  You see, you are right about pandas being evil.  They are.  They are in fact the source of all evil in the universe.  But what you do not know is that we need evil if we are to know what good is.  Without evil to contrast good there is nothing.  Nothing at all.   So you see, the pandas MUST live.
Booke: My god.. you're right.  I need to rethink all of this.
Butthead: Good Boy.
Butthead walks back into what is left of the temple.
Iwol: Butthead... what's going on.. where are we.
Butthead: it's rather complex.. but we are on earth in the past on the lost continent of Atlantis.  And speaking of which.. we need to get going now.. it's about to be destroyed.
Booke runs up
Iwol: HIM!!!
Booke: It's ok, captain.  I have given up my quest to stop the pandas.  Butthead explained it all to me
Iwol: Oh.. uh... I see....
Booke: Yes, I am now going to travel through the past casuing evil to show people what good is! tata!
Booke taps some controls on his wrist mounted time machine and vanishes
Iwol: Damnit!
The ground starts shaking.
Lore: Umm... how do we get out of here?
Butthead: Well, my intervention should have set things normal by now so the Intrepid should have tracked us down by now
as if on que Iwol's comn badge chirps
Data: Captain, are you allright.
Iwol: Yes, for now.  Beam us up, Mr Data
Lore: Mr?
They dematerialize...
Korn: But I wanted to....
They materialize on the transporter pad
Korn: ... check out the dead body!
Lore: what a jip.
Quin: We have just possibly just witnessed the salvation of the universe and you two are mad because you didn't see the dead panda's body??
Korn: That's about the size of it.
The ship shudders.
Data: Captain, you'd better come up here, something strange is happening.
They step off the turbolift onto the bridge.  Earth is on the viewscreen.  The continent of Atlantis is on fire.
Butthead: It's happening.....
Iwol: What do sensors show?
Quin: I can't get any readingns on the continent... it's as if it's not there.
Butthead: it isn't.
Suddenly there is a flash and an energy beam disperses.. the Intrepid is hit.  Lights flicker on the bridge.
The comm system beeps.
Scotty: Cap'n! The time drive is destabilizing rapidly after that hit!  If we don't return to our present now we never will
Iwol: Then by all means, Mr Scott. take us back.
Korn: What about Booke?
Iwol: He isn't here anyway, but I'm sure he will turn up somewhere.
Butthead hears Striped-Ass
Disembodied Striped-Ass: You have done well, Butthead.

As the ship's time drive powers up Iwol glances back at the viewscreen and sees only ocean where Atlantis had been only moments before..

Back in the 24th century...
The Intrepid sits outside Deep Space 666 as a massive subspace wave heads toward them.. The Wave hits the station and the Intrepid.  The Intrepid vanishes.

Billy: What the hell.. I'm... I'm alive!!!
A time rift opens and the Intrepid emerges.
Billy: er.. maybe not...
Packled: It's beeping.
Billy snaps the packled's neck and reads the panel in front of him.  The ships's weapons are locked.  Billy lowers the station's shields and hails them.
Billy: Captain... I invite you to come over.  I think we have some... remenicing to do.
Iwol: Oh really... I don't know, what do you people think?
Korn: I say blow up the station now!
Iwol: It's OUR station you idiot
Korn: I know...
Lore: can we just beam over and kill everyone?
Billy: You can kill the Packleds.
Lore: hmm.. this guy is startin to grow on me.
Iwol: Ok.. we'll come over.  But don't try anything
Packled: We are smart
Lore: heh, you are dead.
Iwol: initiate docking procedure.

Did you understand this Episode? Did it make sence to you?
If so, you could be a writer's assitant!
call 1-800-get-bent

Everyone is at Quark's having several drinks...well almost everyone.
Billy: hey where's that Lore guy at?
A packled's head falls from the ceiling. Lore follows.
Lore: well, that's the last of them.
Korn lays in the corner coverd in blood clutching his k'nife in one hand and a bottle of Spock Ice in the other.
Iwol: So, why are you being so.. personable now?
Billy: Well.. when I thought I was about to die.. I got to thinking.. When you left us on that planet with the crashed Intrepid for a whole year to fend for ourselves against the native inhabitants.. I hated you.  I wanted nothing more than to kill you for that.  But after I thought about it I realized if you hadn't left we would most likely never have gotten out of there.  I've been a fool.

Iwol: Also your death in Episode 1 must have been irritating.
Billy: Ahh, yes that too.  You ejected me into space in a torpedo tube.... I suppose I should be thankfull you didn't have Anal Ram examine me first.. but I was in fact alive.  I awoke to a crash landing on the Packled homeworld.. and after that I think you know how it went.
Iwol: I see.. well I don't have a first officer anymore... and as I recall you were a very good one.  Want the job?
Quin: are you sure we can trust him
Iwol: Umm... it's an improvement.  believe me.
Quin: Oh yeah good point.
Billy: I accept.
Butthead: I hate to interupt our little reunion here.. but you do realize we're going to have to find Booke sometime don't you?
Iwol: Yes, but I'd like to put it off for a while.  A LONG while.  In the meantime, let's just relax for once in this blasted series.
Iwol's Comm badge chirps
Anal: Captain! Please report to the Infirmary!  We have a murder on our hands.. and it wasn't Korn or Lore!
Lore: My god....
Iwol: Damnit.

To be continued(god don't you hate that?) in Episode 14: The Siren.